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    LMFLEX? LM60
    Product name:

    English name: acetyl trioctyl citrate;ATOC

    CAS NO.: --
    Molecular formula:


    Molecular weight: 570.80(atomic weight with five effective number provided by IUPAC in 1995)

    Colorless transparent oily liquid. Boiling point:225º C(133.3Pa), flash point(open)224º C. Good cold resistance, small volatility.

    Use: Can be used as plasticizer of copolymer of PVC and chloroethylene, the stabilizer of ppolyvinylidene chloride. This product is environmental plasticizer, can be used in environmental PVC grain, soft toys for children, medical products, food packaging products, coating and printing ink industries etc..
    Packaging: 200L metal pail,NW: 200Kg per pail.
    Technical index:
    Colorless transparent liquid
    ≤ 100#
    ≥ 99.0
    ≤ 0.2
    Water content(wt),%
    ≤ 0.15
    Heavy metal(base on Pb)
    ≤ 10ppm
    ≤ 3ppm

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