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    Ethyl Butyrate
    Product name:

    English name: ethyl butyrate
    Byname: ethyl butanoate;ethyl ester;butyric acid

    CAS NO.: 105-54-4
    Molecular formula:


    Molecular weight: 116.16(atomic weight with five effective number provided by IUPAC in 1995)

    Colorless liquid with the fragrance of pineapple. Slightly soluble in water. Can be dissolved with most organic solvents.


    Used in food, drink, alcohols, tobacco and essence etc..

    Packaging: 200L metal pail, NW: 170Kg per pail.
    Technical index:
    Colorless liquid
    ≤ 15#
    ≥ 99.0
    Water content(wt),%
    ≤ 0.1
    Acidity(base on HAC),%
    ≤ 0.01
    Relative density(20/20o C)
    0.870~ 0.877
    Refractive index(20/20o C)
    1.391~ 1.394

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