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    Glycerol Triacetate
    Product name:

    glycerol triacetate

    CAS NO.: --
    Molecular formula:


    Molecular weight: 218.20(atomic weight with five effective number provided by IUPAC in 1995)

    Colorless transparent oily liquid,with bitter taste, nontoxic, slightly soluble in water, Soluble in many kinds of organic solvents. Boiling point:258º C(0.101mpa), flash point:140º C~143º C.


    This product is mainly used as filter tip of cigarette- plasticizer of secondary cellulose. Also used as flavor, essence, fixative and lubricate of cosmetics. Also used as plasticizer and solvent of printing ink, coating, cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate, ethyl cellulose and cellulose acetate butyrate.

    Packaging: 200L metal pail, NW: 200Kg per pail.
    Technical index:
    Clear transparent oily liquid
    ≤ 30#
    ≥ 99.0
    Water content(wt),%
    ≤ 0.15
    Acidity(base on HAc),%
    ≤ 0.02
    Relative density(25/25o C)
    1.156~ 1.164
    ≤ 3
    Heavy metal(base on Pb)
    ≤ 10

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